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Klean – WordPress theme

Klean is an amazing theme with stunning visuals and awesome animations. A creative and simplistic design provides this theme a very unique touch. Klean is indeed a clean and light theme perfect for a large range of websites. With an extensive use of CSS3, it might not be compatible with some older machines, so please download only if your computer belongs to current time and not a pre-historic era.

Some of the features of the theme are-

  • Responsive Layout
  • Retina Ready
  • Translation Ready
  • Full Window Header
  • Awesome Animations

Live Demo



Now you can upgrade to Super Klean – the bigger, better and awesomer version of Klean and enjoy many more features. Check out Super Klean here-

Super Klean

Comments have been disabled for this theme. If you have any queries regarding the theme, kindly post it at www.wordpress.org/themes/klean

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34 comments on “Klean – WordPress theme”

  1. Gil says:

    Great theme!
    Im having problem with recent posts column in the middle! How can I get to choose the pictures? (as you have the tiger with his baby for example

    1. divjot says:

      Hello Gil,
      The images can be uploaded from the “Featured Images” Meta Box on “Edit Post” page.

  2. Francisco says:

    Hello divjot! Good work, thanks for sharing!
    Let me make a couple of comments: 1. Although I have no active widget, are still observed the search bar and a title that says “Recent Posts” 2. Although I have no text in the short description, you can see an (empty) transparent rectangle. You can see an example of this in the attached link.
    Thank you very much for your help and I hope your comments !!

    1. divjot says:

      Hello Mariana,
      To remove the transparent retangle, just add the following code in style.css-
      h2.site-description {
      background: rgba(255,255,255,0) !important;

      Remember to remove this code when adding a site-description.
      Regarding the recent posts, it is the section of the recent post area. When you start adding posts on the site, they will appear below the heading.

      Currently, there is no convenient way to customize the theme. It will be added in the future updates.

  3. Eric says:

    Hello divjot!

    Great Theme! I wish you could just add LinkedIn in the social part. This is quite popular for business users / freelancers. Hope you can do that in a future release!

    1. divjot says:

      Thanks for the suggestion….It will surely be added in the next update.

  4. Mehdi says:

    Hi, Thanks for this perfect theme.
    how i can add social logo? (like live demo)

    1. divjot says:

      The theme does not contain a logo feature currently. All these features will surely be added in the later updates.
      The demo blog also does not contain a logo. Its just a plain heading.

  5. Mehdi says:

    Another question: I add “HOME” to menu(s), but it don’t show in my site. What’s the problem?

    1. divjot says:

      I saw the menu on your website. It seems you were able to add the “Home” link to menu.

  6. Fabio says:

    Hi Divjot,

    thanks for the awesome theme.
    How can I translate “Recent posts” on the homepage in Italian (“post recenti”)?

    BR, Fabio

    1. divjot says:

      The “Recent Posts” text can be changed in home.php. Just search for “Recent Posts” and replace it with the Italian translation.

  7. Dave says:

    good job brother ..
    but how to insert picture like your demo “tiger and his baby” etc … at recent post .. thanks

    1. divjot says:

      Hello dave,
      You can insert the picture from the “Featured Image” meta box in “Edit Post” Page.

  8. Frank Meyer says:


    how I can hide the Recent Post block under the picture. I only need the Top Navi und the Picture with title and search field. Thanks in advance.


    1. divjot says:

      Hello Frank,
      You need to install a custom css plugin. After installing the plugin, add the following code-
      #page {
      display: none !important;


  9. Mark says:

    I’m developing a blog and I like your “klean” theme. I do want to be able to turn off the Leave comment option and/or the list of posts on some pages. Is there a way to do that?

    1. divjot says:

      Hello Mark,

      For disabling comments on some pages/posts-
      Go to “Edit Post/Edit Page” screen.
      Open the Screen Options at the top-right of the screen.
      Enable the “Discussions” option from the menu. A meta-box will appear.
      Disable the options you want disabled in the post/page.


  10. Hi Divjot,

    it is an excellent, wonderfull theme. I have only 2 issues which I woulod like to solve:
    – is it possible to remove search bar from main page
    -is it possible to completely remove comment section from all pages

    Thx in advance.

    Best regards,


    1. divjot says:

      Hello Vjeko,
      For making changes to the theme, you currently will have to install a custom css plugin.
      After installing the theme, add the following code-
      #search-top {
      display: none !important;

      For removing the comments section, you need to use a plugin.
      It can also be disabled from the theme files but it is not recommended as it can disrupt the layout.

      Hope this helps…


  11. Tanner says:

    Hello, I love this theme. I just have one question. Some of my feature pictures have white as the background. I was wondering if there is a way to change the color? Preferably for each post but if it’s possible to change it for all posts that works too. Thanks!

    1. divjot says:

      Hello Tanner,
      For adding css code, you will need to install a custom css plugin.
      After adding the plugin, add the following code-
      .featured-wrapper .entry-title a {
      color: black !important;

      It should do the job for you…

  12. filippo says:

    Hi Divjot
    I have chosen your theme for my website and I’m really glad I did it. really compliments.
    I have to ask you some questions: I noticed that the link to the email does not work and sends me back to the home site. Maybe I wrong something, but I do not know how to do. Can you help me? (I do not understand much about these things … I’m only an architect ahaha)

    second question: if you see my home, shown at the bottom there is a square that says “no image available” …. How do I change the written and put a picture? If you press it you go to see a video.

    third question: I’ve selected only a widget for translation, why appears two? How can I leave one?
    thank you for your theme, is really nice

    1. divjot says:

      Regarding the “no image available” issue….
      You need to set a Featured Image in the “Edit Post” screen at the bottom right corner.

      Regarding the other issues, can you please explain them in detail.
      I would appreciate continuing the support on the wordpress forums so that it can benefit the others as well.
      Kindly submit your query at http://www.wordpress.org/themes/klean.


  13. How do you move the search bar? I don’t want it in the center of the page. Thanks!

    1. divjot says:

      Hello Lindsay,
      You first need to install the custom css plugin.
      After installing, paste the following code-

      #search-top {
      text-align: left; //It can be left or right depending on your preference
      margin-left: 10px; //Spacing on the left
      margin-right: 10px; //Spacing on the right

  14. Sorry, one other question…how do you remove the shadow/highlight behind the title and tag line?


    1. divjot says:

      Add the following code-
      .site-title, .site-description {
      background: none !important;

  15. Tian says:

    Thank you for your work!

  16. Tian says:

    Hi divjot,

    I’m using this theme, my website is http://www.newsontheroad.com

    Your design is classy and beautiful. But I have encountered a few problems while tying to post some articles written in Chinese.

    1.Recent Posts can’t display titles written in Chinese.
    2.The titles of recent posts are displayed in white colour, which is hard to recognise on light-coloured featured pictures.

    I don’t know how to fix these problems, maybe I should change something in the .css file?

    Many thanks,


  17. Jonathan says:

    How do remove the “Recent Posts” under the picture on the opening page?

    1. divjot says:

      Add the custom css plugin. Then paste the following code-
      #page {
      display: none !important;

  18. Hemanth says:


    I am using this template and need to remove search bar from home page.
    Can you pls let me know how to do it in word-press ?

    1. divjot says:

      Install the custom css plugin. After installing, paste the following code in it-
      #search-top {
      display: none !important;

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