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Website Showcase Mock-Up


Here I am sharing with you a showcase template I created to make my life easier. Basically, all it does is take a screenshot of a site ( or an app based on your requirement ) and adds thickness to it. Its all pretty simple. The steps are mentioned below.

Steps to follow-

  1. Download the file.
  2. In the zip file, there will be a PSD file and and a .atn ( action ) file.
  3. Extract both the files.
  4. Open the PSD file.
  5. Double-Click on the “Paste your Screenshot here” layer. This will open a .psb file.
  6. Add the layout you want to showcase.
  7. Save the .psb file and close it. Now, you will be seeing your screenshot in the layer.
  8. Now, load the action file from the options panel of the Actions Window ( If you cannot see the action window, make it visible from Windows > Actions in the Menu ).
  9. Run the action with the screenshot layer selected.
  10. A new group will be created with the layer having depth and shades on the sides.

Hope I was clear enough with the steps. If you are not able to follow the steps or any issue in the files, just leave it in the comments or drop a mail at

You can download the zip file from the following link-



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