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Common Web Design mistakes designers make while designing Websites

Many factors go into designing an amazing website, and web designers are an awesome bunch of people who make the Internet a beautiful place. But, while trying their level best, designers do tend to commit some basic mistakes while designing a website which keeps it from becoming a masterpiece it is supposed to become. Here, I am discussing some of the most common mistakes I think are committed by Web Designers (I myself have made quite a few blunders myself). So, without further ado, lets jump into it.


It is, according to me, the most important element for a good website. Designers, sometimes tend to clutter the content to insert more information in less space. That, in my opinion, is the worst error any designer can make. It’s not like the website space is being taxed (well, not until now). Content needs to be clean and readable with ample space everywhere. A clean and organised website means a clean and organised idea behind the website, which is very important for a user.

Take a look at the two example screenshots below-

As you can see, most of the space is empty or does not contain readable content. The blank space puts more emphasis on the actual content of the website. User is automatically headed to the content. It also makes the site look aesthetically pleasing.


Another thing designers usually get wrong is the color scheme. Colors play an important role in the design of a website. Colors set the mood for a website. A professional website will usually have low saturation colors while a game website will have a colorful theme with many colors. Designers usually tend to miss the point when it comes to colors.

Also, while using multiple colors, it needs to be taken into consideration if the colors are complementing each other. Often the colors of a website are not complementing and everyone who takes a look at the site seems to be unable to pin-point the exact issue in an otherwise perfect website.

There are many very good resources for color palettes for designers such as www.coolors.co and www.paletton.com to help with color schemes.


Just like colors, fonts also play a major role in setting the mood of a website. A publishing website (for example, www.washingtonpost.com) will usually have a serif font while a technology website will stick to the more traditional sans-serif. While choosing fonts for a website, designer needs to have a fair idea about the concept of the website in order to create the perfect mood and aesthetic for the website.

To help with font selection, there are many tools available online. I personally prefer to use Google Web Fonts in my projects. If more than one font is required, Google again comes to the rescue. There is nifty little website, www.fontpair.co, automatically pairing Google Fonts for use in all are shenanigans.


This is one of the most basic of concepts for the designing of an amazing website. The layout of a website plays a major role in deciding whether it will be successful or not. All the right elements need to be at all the right places. I personally have made quite a few errors in this regard myself. While the major elements such as Title Navigation, Header Image etc. are placed at their respective places, it is the minor elements such as the Search Bar, Social Icons, Call to Action buttons which are a difference in a good design and an impeccable one.

Before loading up the designing software, a rough skeleton of the site needs to be prepared on a piece of paper in order to have all the elements placed at the correct places.


This is more of a design choice than an actual mistake, but none the less, the fact cannot be ignored that using images in a website does wonders for a website. As the saying goes ‘ A picture is worth a thousand words’, it seems to fit perfectly in Web Design. Use of images is absolutely necessary in a modern web design. Hero Image has become a regular feature in an unbelievable number of websites nowadays. Have a look at the example screenshots below-

These websites have successfully made use of images to create the perfect mood for the idea that they represent. Indeed, images are saying a thousand words here.

Designing only for Desktop

This should, perhaps, be declared a crime in the Web Design community now. With mobile traffic overtaking desktop traffic, website designers need to make extra sure that their websites are mobile friendly. Usually designers focus only on the desktop version and take the mobile version for granted. This attitude needs to be changed now in order to keep pace with the market.

These were the points I was able to come up with at the moment. In my opinion, Web Designing is an art and like any art, it takes practice and patience to create a masterpiece. But, these were some of the few points every designer could take care of and start creating some inspired work.

If there was anything I missed here or you have something to say, just head over to comments and state your opinion. You will be heard !

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