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6 Photoshop Plugins to improve your Web Design workflow

Photoshop is a premium platform for Web Designers to design their projects on. While Photoshop itself provides a brilliant Work Environment, there are still many plugins out there which help in augmenting the workflow environment.

Today, I am going to discuss 5 of the best ( according to me, however ) plugins that can improve any designer’s design workflow. I have excluded the plugins which deal with code as they deserve a list of their own. So, let’s get down to the list-


GuideGuide is a Photoshop plugin focusing towards the most utilised feature of Photoshop in Web Design, the Guides. You can literally do anything you want with guides with the help of this plugin.

Usually, guides are a real pain and can be very annoying, and let’s not even talk about the time consumption. This plugin saves a lot of time which can be better spent on more important tasks. The plugin is available for only $10.

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Cut&Slice Me

Cut&Slice Me is a free yet awesome plugin capable of exporting the assets of your Web Design. The Slice Tool and its exporting options are pretty basic in Photoshop and this plugin expands on the functionality of the Slice Tool.

Cut&Slice Me 2 was in the works but now it seems developer is no longer interested in working on the project.

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With a collection of over 300,000 icons, Flaticon is the greatest library of Free and Premium icons. Icons are available in EPS, SVG, PNG and even PSD formats.

There is even the Flaticon App for the Mac users apart from the plugin. I personally find the App a better option than the plugin. You can subscribe to Flaticon either on a monthly basis or purchase an yearly plan.

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No more stressing out on the design color scheme as Kuler provides a huge library of pre-defined color schemes to be used in your designs. You can even set your own color scheme if you have one.

The plugin can be easily installed from the official adobe site. It is present as an add-on and it’s totally free to install also.

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SuperPNG is an Open Source plugin to handle PNG files. It has the capability to perform many advanced functions on PNG files which are not easily possible in Photoshop.

PNG is a file format supporting tight lossless compression. It is widely used in print and web.

SuperPNG is available to download for free.

Get it Here

These are some of the photoshop plugins widely acclaimed and used for Web Design. There are many more plugins available to streamline your design workflow.

Some other plugins I can think of include TinyPNG, WebZap and SpecKing. These are also pretty great plugins for Web Design in Photoshop. Do check them out and tell me if I missed any of the awesome plugins available out there.

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