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Top 5 Websites for Web Design Inspiration

As we all know, Creativity cannot thrive in isolation. There is always some kind of inspiration from here or there. This holds true even in the arena of Web Design. Designers usually dive into the open waters to search for a gem they could add to their treasure. Let’s be clear about one thing, taking inspiration is very different from outright copying a design. It is not ethical and I highly condemn it.

I chose the top 5 sites keeping in mind the popularity, quantity and quality of designs present on these sites. These sites are juggernauts in their own regard but a very good source of inspiration for Web Design as well. So, let’s begin with our list of top 5 sites for Web Design Inspiration-


This site is arguably the most popular site for Web Design, especially WordPress. Some of the best developers submit their best content here.

ThemeForest has a huge library of Themes of each genre and style. With over 30,000 templates available, there is no shortage of content here and since every theme passes through a rigorous review, you can be sure of the quality standard this site maintains.



99Designs.com is the largest marketplace for Graphic Design dealing in all sorts of graphics. Web Design constitutes a large part of the catalogue this platform provides.

Some of the best freelancers from across the globe undertake contests/projects to create beautiful website designs. These designs are then added to the site archives and are available for viewing by others. Some of the designs even get featured. This place is a great place if you are a beginner as you can try your skill with live contests/projects.



Awwwards.com is a place where the best from all across the Web come to rest. This site houses some of the most innovative and beautiful sites ever created and provides for an excellent source of inspiration. Awwwards rates the site in terms of its components, like Design, Creativity, Usability and Content.

You can even submit your site at Awwwards, but it needs to be a top notch piece of art to be considered for submission. Awwwards organises various contests in which websites fight it out against each other to become the best.



I consider Dribbble as a club for Designers where they come to show-off. Membership on this site is invite only and it is controlled by the existing members of the site. So, the quality of the site is not an issue. Only the best are allowed to come in this club.

Although, not everyone has publishing rights, everyones can view the work published by the designers here. So, there is no shortage of some excellent work being showcased here. You can interact directly with the designer to learn a trick or two regarding their creative process.



Pinterest is also a very useful site for Web Design inspiration. Although, not of the same quality of some of the other sites mentioned on this list, Pinterest definitely has a huge catalogue of Web Designs to offer and take inspiration from.

The ability to save pins and create boards helps in accumulating the best designs in one place instead of being scattered all around. Since everybody can freely post on Pinterest, there is a significant decline in quality from Dribbble but still there are many gems out there that you must definitely check out.

These are my top 5 source of Inspiration for an awesome Web Design. I am sure there are many and I would love to hear them out!

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