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Role of Graphic Design in Web Design – Making the Web Beautiful

Earlier, web was simple. It required simple HTML and basic CSS to create a functional website. Not much graphics needed. The old school color changes, borders and text decorations were the most you had for design elements. But with time, technology has improved along with bandwidths which has made possible some more advanced functionalities in websites. Today, we will take a look at Graphic Design – a completely different design domain intersecting with Web Design to produce some amazing websites.

First of all, before delving into Graphic Design, we need to understand what exactly falls under Graphic Design. All the non-web design such as Posters, Brochures, Flyers etc. are encompassed in Graphic Design. There is a high degree of freedom in terms of creativity when it comes to Graphic Design as compared to Web Design which needs to abide by certain regulations such as size and resolution.

With HTML5 and CSS3, developers and designers were exposed to insane amount of possibilities. All the effects and transitions were enough to revolutionize the Web. And then there was jQuery which is a major force in itself. The possibilities became literally limitless. All sorts of effects were now possible limited only by one’s imagination. This overwhelming abundance of possibilities rubbed off on clients as well. They started demanding some pretty specific customizations for their sites.

Nowadays, Images and funky icons are a pre-requisite to every site. Other Graphic Design elements such as Gradients, scribbles and Drop Shadows are a common site. Even typography has started to pick up pace in Web design. Brush Lettering is one of the most recent trends that comes to mind which has left a mark on Web Design. You an check for yourself on sites such as Awwwards that most of the top rated sites today have an overwhelming amount of graphic design elements.

Another evidence of Graphic design prevailing in the Web arena stems from the use of Retro elements in Websites. The low saturation color palettes, Drop Shadows, bold fonts and arrows are being used excessively in Website Design nowadays. Retro is an especially favored website scheme due to the catchy colors and Graphic elements. Many websites use the retro scheme to exhude a sense of authenticity.

Another popular trend is the use of Clipart and Illustrations. The best example of the use of illustrations in websites is our very own MailChimp. The folks at Mailchimp use illustrations to a very good effect to provide an amazing experience making an arduous job of E-Mail marketing a fun and light-hearted task. Illustrations can provide some amazing Web experience when used correctly. But, don’t use illustrations too much or the site can get cluttered and it is also not good for the bandwidth.

Although, using graphic design takes a toll on the bandwidth, it certainly makes the website much more intuitive and user-friendly which is a legitimate trade-off. There are many more Graphic Design trends which have cemented their place in Web Design to make the Web a much more fun place. Let’s hope this trend continues making the Web much more lively and happening destination for all us Webaholics.

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