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Top 5 Useless Features in Photoshop

Photoshop is an amazing software with a ton of useful tools and features to help Web/Graphic Designers create awesome graphics all around the world. But among all those designer goodies, there lie some tools/features which do not serve any major utility or purpose. I am not saying they are totally unnecessary and should be thrown out. It’s just that there are easier alternatives to the task they perform and Photoshop can easily do without them.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most useless features Photoshop has to offer-

History Brush

History Brush is one of the least used tools in Photoshop. The basic function of the History Brush is to ‘brush into history’. This brush pretty much undoes anything done in the previous step. We can use many techniques such as masks to achieve the same effect.

Find and Replace Text

This tool does have its utility, but in  a software such as Word or Excel. I don’t think it belongs in a graphics based software such as Photoshop where text is minimum. Agreed, there will be some scenarios where this tool can be pretty useful but the probability of such a scenario occurring is very less.


This feature also does not belong in Photoshop. I mean to say, who needs to get things read to them, instead of reading it themselves. It takes far less time. Agreed, blind people might not be able to read, hence they might require dictation. But, with all due respect to the differently abled, they don’t have much use of a software such as Photoshop. This is a feature Photoshop can do without.

Auto Tone/Color/Contrast

Although it is a good tool, I don’t really understand the use for it. Why would any graphics designer/Web Designer worth his/her salt use this feature. There are many free apps available to do so. There are a ton of Adjustments to be made in Photoshop. In such an environment, the Auto Feature seems a little misplaced. Like any other feature, there will be scenarios where it is used, but there far and few between.

Paste Lorem Ipsum

Even in the Web Design Ecosystem, regular Lorem Ipsum has slowly started to fade away. Photoshop needs to stop providing this option. Instead, go for some smarter alternatives such as Picksum Ipsum, Gangsta Lorem Ipsum and Fillerati.

These are just some of the features I thought are of not much use in Photoshop. Obviously, not everyone will agree with me. Also, there might be some other features which I didn’t mention. I would love to hear from you in the Comments Section.

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