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6 Things you did not know you could do in Photoshop

Photoshop has been a the go-to plugin for Image Editing requirements. Whether, it be making you look slimmer, whitening your skin tone and what not. But there are a multitude of other things this beast of a software is capable of. Today, we are going to discuss some of these features. Let’s see what all can be done using Photoshop.

Create Anaglyph 3D

Anaglyph 3D

You all might be remembering the earlier 3D Technology in which the Blue/Red glasses were required to experience the 3D. Turns out, if you have a pair of those colorful glasses, you could easily create the awesome 3D effect. I won’t go into more details but the basic principle behind the anaglyph 3D technology is the difference between 2 layers of the image with one layer lacking in the Red color channel and the other in the Green and Blue color channels.

For a detailed tutorial on how to create anaglyph 3D, check out the following link-

Make GIFs

The most popular thing on the internet right now, a GIF can also be created easily in Photoshop. A GIF can be created either from a video clipping or a collection of your own photographs/graphics. There processes for both the categories are similar but have some differences. You can refer to both the processes in the links mentioned below-

For Videos

For Screenshots

Create Motion Posters

A Sample Cinemagraph Image

It is also popular by the name ‘Cinemagraph Images’. Technically, it falls under the GIF category. Digital Posters can be considered as perfectly looped GIFs with motion taking place only in a particular area of the image. Cinemagraphs are a great way of digital marketing and prove to be more effective than a regular poster for promotions. These are mostly used in the Movie Industry and Fashion Industry.

Most of the steps are similar to that of creating a GIF from a video but there are some additional steps in the making of a Cinemagraph Image. Check out the following link for the complete tutorial-

Export CSS Properties

Copy CSS from Photoshop by Right Click > Copy CSS

Photoshop is also a very powerful and important tool for web Designers. Websites are conceptualised and prototyped in Photoshop before moving on to the coding arena. People at Adobe recognise this fact. So, they have made life easier for Web Designers by adding options for them. The CSS properties of images and other elements can be exported. The only condition for exporting CSS is that the layer must not contain a smart object.

You can easily copy CSS of any element by using ‘Right Click > Copy CSS’ on the respective layer.

A Work-Around to Illustrator

If you are familiar with Illustrator, you might be knowing the almighty power of the software. Illustrator deals with vectors and thus, is quite useful in the creation of logos, illustrations, icons and other stuff.

Vector Options in Photoshop

While not on the same scale, Photoshop does have some options to deal with Vectors which makes it quite a handy tool in case there is some minor vector work to be done. But don’t expect too much as it is not a specialised vector tool.

Video Editor

Photoshop is also capable of editing Videos but just like the vectors, this feature is very limited as it is not the primary domain of Photoshop.

Various Workspaces in Photoshop

The Videos can be imported, as explained earlier, easily from File > Import > Video Frames to Layers. After the video has been imported, you can start editing the video using various tools and windows available in Photoshop such as Timeline and Adjustment Layers. After editing the Video, you can render and save the video from File > Export > Render Video.

Screenshot of Timeline in Photoshop

These are just some of the uses of Photoshop apart from the regular Image editing and designing. I am sure there are many others since Photoshop is highly versatile with a ton of options. I would love to hear about them in the comments section.

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