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6 Things you did not know you could do in Photoshop

Photoshop has been a the go-to plugin for Image Editing requirements. Whether, it be making you look slimmer, whitening your skin tone and what not. But there are a multitude of other things this beast of a software is capable of. Today, we are going to discuss some of these features. Let’s see what all […]

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May 7, 2017 / by admin / Articles / No Comments

Decoding Typography in Web Design

Typography, as we all know, is a very important part of a good Website Design. It plays a critical role in elevating the design quotient from ‘OK’ to ‘BRILLIANT’. Agreed, all users do not appreciate the role of typography but without any doubt, it is a critical part of a well designed website. With the […]

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March 18, 2017 / by admin / Articles / No Comments

Role of Graphic Design in Web Design – Making the Web Beautiful

Earlier, web was simple. It required simple HTML and basic CSS to create a functional website. Not much graphics needed. The old school color changes, borders and text decorations were the most you had for design elements. But with time, technology has improved along with bandwidths which has made possible some more advanced functionalities in […]

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March 5, 2017 / by admin / Articles / No Comments

9 Awesome Uses of Font Awesome for WordPress

Font Awesome is – just like it’s name – AWESOME. For Web Designers and Developers, it provides solutions to many problems related to icons, fonts, mockups and what not. As, you might be already aware, Font Awesome is a Font and CSS toolkit with a collection of over 675 icons. All the icons are vector […]

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February 22, 2017 / by admin / Articles / No Comments

Top 5 Websites for Web Design Inspiration

As we all know, Creativity cannot thrive in isolation. There is always some kind of inspiration from here or there. This holds true even in the arena of Web Design. Designers usually dive into the open waters to search for a gem they could add to their treasure. Let’s be clear about one thing, taking […]

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February 21, 2017 / by admin / Articles / No Comments

6 Photoshop Plugins to improve your Web Design workflow

Photoshop is a premium platform for Web Designers to design their projects on. While Photoshop itself provides a brilliant Work Environment, there are still many plugins out there which help in augmenting the workflow environment. Today, I am going to discuss 5 of the best ( according to me, however ) plugins that can improve any […]

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January 22, 2017 / by admin / Articles / No Comments

Common Web Design mistakes designers make while designing Websites

Many factors go into designing an amazing website, and web designers are an awesome bunch of people who make the Internet a beautiful place. But, while trying their level best, designers do tend to commit some basic mistakes while designing a website which keeps it from becoming a masterpiece it is supposed to become. Here, […]

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January 9, 2017 / by admin / Articles / No Comments

Photoshop vs Illustrator: Which is better for Web Design

Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, two of the industry standard platforms in the field of Web Design. Both have been used extensively for creating websites and various resources in Web Design. But the lifetime long question still remains – Which one is better ? I will try to answer this ominous question in the following […]

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December 22, 2016 / by admin / Articles / No Comments

Photoshop Tricks that can make your life easy as a Web Designer

Photoshop is an integral part of the Web Design process. Before jumping into the world of coding the design is first laid out in Photoshop ( Although some have started using Illustrator but I prefer Photoshop as I find it much more flexible in terms of Gradients and Textures ). It is the beginning of […]

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March 22, 2016 / by divjot / Articles / No Comments

Website Showcase Mock-Up

Here I am sharing with you a showcase template I created to make my life easier. Basically, all it does is take a screenshot of a site ( or an app based on your requirement ) and adds thickness to it. Its all pretty simple. The steps are mentioned below. Steps to follow- Download the […]

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