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Photoshop Tricks that can make your life easy as a Web Designer

Photoshop is an integral part of the Web Design process. Before jumping into the world of coding the design is first laid out in Photoshop ( Although some have started using Illustrator but I prefer Photoshop as I find it much more flexible in terms of Gradients and Textures ). It is the beginning of […]

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How to import content to a WordPress site

Toady, I am going to discuss about importing content from another website to your WordPress site. You have done all the right things – got some server space, purchased your favourite domain, set-up WordPress and installed your favourite theme. Now, you are all set to start the website of your dreams. But, you don’t feel […]

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December 12, 2016 / by admin / Tips / 2 Comments

Adjusting Custom Header Image in your WordPress theme

Today, I am going to touch on another important yet neglected feature of WordPress, the Header Image. Many Users often find it difficult to set a HeaderĀ image for the site. Although it is a pretty simple feature, I feel it needs a mention as some users find it complicated sometimes. Basically, you can add the […]

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Website Showcase Mock-Up

Here I am sharing with you a showcase template I created to make my life easier. Basically, all it does is take a screenshot of a site ( or an app based on your requirement ) and adds thickness to it. Its all pretty simple. The steps are mentioned below. Steps to follow- Download the […]

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December 22, 2015 / by admin / Tips / 15 Comments

How to add Custom CSS code to WordPress Themes

At one point of time or another in the life cycle of a WordPress based website, we have encountered the need for doing minor changes to an otherwise perfect theme where only a few lines of CSS code can do the trick. Some newbie users look for ways to apply the code. Some look to […]

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March 7, 2015 / by divjot / Articles / 3 Comments

How to make BX Slider full screen

In this post, I will explain how to apply BX Slider in your theme and make it full window and apply it in the header of your site. It seemed a rather important piece of information since BX Slider is a rather popular slider for use in WordPress themes and I could not find much […]

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Klean – WordPress theme

Klean is an amazing theme with stunning visuals and awesome animations. A creative and simplistic design provides this theme a very unique touch. Klean is indeed a clean and light theme perfect for a large range of websites.

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